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“Boston fits our event better than any we've had in a long time. His energy was contagious and even when he messed up or dropped a ball, he played it off beautifully.”

- Darryl Hill

Children's Pastor 

First Baptist Church Herrin, IL

"Boston Bachert brings a fascinating performance with a relatable message to his audience and leaves them wanting more!"

- Laurie Shepler

Executive Director

Cornerstone Youth Center, Elizabethtown PA 

The Cyr Wheel stunt was incredible, as was Boston's Testimony of growing up with Tourettes!

- Nathan Wennerlind

First Baptist Church of Midland, TX

He did a wonderful job of not only keeping our kid and student audience entertained but also in presenting the Gospel in a clear and compelling way! 

- Rob Mittuch

Executive Pastor

Calvary Church, Downingtown PA

"His performance was the perfect pace and variety. It was amazing that he kept telling this story while he was performing!"

- Jen Kosydar


Manheim Christian Day School 

“Boston interacted with the kids and the crowd, even coming off stage for a trick, really engaged the crowd…He was extremely easy to work with and I enjoyed interacting with Boston.”

- Kendra Angle

Children's Director 

Antrim BIC Church, Chambersburg, PA



Boston is currently based in Lebanon, PA and has been performing for 8 years, in over 1,000 variety performances. His shows feature multiple forms of juggling, clever magic, family-friendly comedy, circus stunts, and audience participation. 

Over the years, Boston has had the privilege of training and working under many established entertainers from all over the country. These include Guinness world record juggler Niels Duinker, illusionist Brett A. Myers, magician Duane Laflin, and more. 


Boston continues to perform his show at colleges, schools, churches, camps, festivals, fairs, community outreach events, and corporate events all across the country. Keep scrolling to learn more about his story and the multiple shows he offers!